Design/Build Turnkey

Single Source Responsibility- Design/Build is the best way to elude the middle man. One of the best benefits of a Design/Build is it a one-stop shop. A single company takes complete responsibility for the design, construction, and the satisfactory of delivering the project on budget and time. The design-builder executes parallel task for proper completion time. With one company taking care of the entire design/build project, greater efficiency and cooperation happens as opposed to conflict and coordination issues between designer and builder. This helps bestow trust in the customer.

Cost Control- With the designer and builder on one fluid team communication, teamwork, and design methods are constant. This produces value engineering. Value engineering generates pride and superb work. Professional and engineering fees are kept to a minimum because the design/build is done in-house.

Quality Control- Once again with all of the Design/Build work being in-house, quality of the project often increases by default because of team unity. The architect, engineer, and contractor are able to focus on the quality of the project as opposed to defending their own interest. Along with this, communication increases because the pathways of communication are simplified.

Time Savings- During a Design/Build project design and construction are overlapped, bidding periods are eliminated, and redesign is non-existent. The completion time of a project is minimized; "Fast Tracking".