Kettle Creations - A new food production facility


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Scope of Project:

  • Offices: State of the art Carrier 3V web-based heating & air conditioning control system
  • Energy Recovery System: Utilize state of the art Johnson Controls Facility Explorer control systems to heat and cool offices with the process cooling tower. This was accomplished in the winter period by utilizing energy recovery from the process cooling tower transferring that heat via water to water geothermal units to the offices. This was utilized in the summer period by extracting heat from the offices and rejecting energy to the cooling tower via the water to water geothermal units. These systems have resulted in offices that are highly energy efficient and very comfortable.

Project Summary

Location: Lima, OH
Project Type: New Construction
Building Size: 100,000 sq. ft.
Building Usage: Manufacturing facility
Objectives:HVAC system keeping energy usage to a minimum
HVAC Controls: Johnson Controls Facility Explorer System. Carrier 3V Control System.
Installation Date: 2009
Controls Contractor: New Idea Controls